Saturday, 6 June 2015

Seriously Loving The #Technology & #Accessories us #T1Ds Use ....... #CGM Today's Gonna Be a Good Day, Ye Today's Gonna Be a Good Good Day .....

Seriously Loving The #Technology & #Accessories us #T1Ds Use ....... #CGM Today's Gonna Be a Good Day, Ye Today's Gonna Be a Good Good Day .....

Sometimes no matter how attentive we are to our T1, it just seems to do its own thing. After counting carbs, calculating and bolusing correctly to see a BG higher than it should be can be so bloody disheartening. It's like working hard for absolutely no recognition and no pay off at the end of the job. 
It's easy when things don't work out to think to ourselves "why bother" but then the thoughts of all those complications set in, and my drive to stay between the lines continues through good days and bad. Whether in feeling great or absolutely rotten.

Anyone who knows me will know about Misty, Grace and Princess Kate.
My 3 amigos..... My Pets .......
Princess Kate is only 4 and 1/2 months old, fully trained and nearly talks to me but every now and then despite all my efforts she will do something either good or not so good that just leaves me speechless.

I think I see my #T1 a bit like my other pet. I'm constantly watching, training, guiding, managing, and sorting it out 24/7/365 ( you'll notice I don't say controlling ) because I believe we manage but we never control and if you think you do, then just look back through your records at that day you did everything right, everything the same as you always do, but had a BG reading above or below what you planed for. ( we manage, but our body's control )

It was after this realisation that I began to feel I needed something other than just a BG meter and a finger pricker. I needed to see if my BG was climbing or dropping before it was at crisis point. I needed an alarm to say, "hey Davina pay attention your about to break the speed limit" just so I could put the breaks on before I hit a wall. 

I found something that could do all that, my CGM ( Medtronic Guardian ) 
Yes I still finger prick, but only every 12 hours and enter my reading to keep the CGM on track ( to calibrate it ).

I wake in the morning and I can see if Iv had any highs or lows through the night, and if I see that over those 6-8 hours through my nights sleep Iv "flat lined" lol ---------- meaning my BG has hardly budged either way, I'm awake and I'm between 5 and 6 then I know as the Black Eyed P's would sing..... Today's Gonna Be a Good Day 🎶🎶🎶 Today's Gonna Be a Good Good Day 🎶🎶🎶
Lovin my CGM and can't imagine life without it. My BG bouncer, My Door Man, My Security Guard-ian.

O FYI Iv called her "Jelly Bean" yes HER .... Well she does multi task ! 
Sorry guys ......

Just a T1 with an opinion


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