Sunday, 19 April 2015

pumpfy - A range of insulin pump vests and tee shirts for smallchildren age 0 -10.

Do you have a child or baby with #Type1Diabetes #PumpingInsulin ?
Then you might just be interested in this .......

My name is Tuathla Greene and I wanted to let you know about my new business Pumpfy.
A range of insulin pump vests and tee shirts for small children age 0 -10. They look fun and are well made with small velcro tabs and a special button hole to feed the catheter through. They are a 100% cotton, machine washable etc.

I am a type one diabetic myself and diagnosed when I was six. I have been pumping almost since then and play loads of sports, I am 16 now. My mum has made my pump pouches for me since I was small and I started to sew myself when I was about 8!

I attend the Diabetes clinic in Crumlin, Dublin, and know all the staff there. My Animas pump rep has  recommended my product and has samples to show to other parents.

I have an online shop here 

We are also on Facebook 

where the page is linked to the shop.

I can also make kids favourite teeshirts, pump friendly, or customise special clothing like communion wear.

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